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Assessing Department

  1. Assessing Scheduling Form

    Customers can send information to help schedule assessing appointments.

CTN-Coon Rapids Community TV Network

  1. Cable Complaint Form

    Cable complaint form for Xfinity or CenturyLink service which can be filed after you have tried to contact the company and the issue... More…

  1. Community Calendar Submission Form

    Form to complete to submit community event to display on website and CTN Channel 14.

Fire Department

  1. Emergency Contact & Annual Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Detector Test Report

    The Fire Department performs yearly inspections to ensure the safety of our residents. This form will assist building managers with... More…

  1. Fire Department Explorers Program

    Form to inquire about signing up for the Fire Department Explorers Program.


  1. Townhome Contact Form

    Send us your townhome contact information - this is helpful for contacting associations.


  1. Vendor Registration Form

    Form to register vendor commodities with the City of Coon Rapids

Recycling Department

  1. Community Sustainability Partner Recognition Program (CSP) Application
  2. Recycling Center Tour Request

    Recycling Center tours are available for all groups and most ages. We recommend children be at least 2nd grade to understand and enjoy... More…

  1. How do I recycle this item?

    Have an item you don't know how to dispose of properly? Let us help!