Recycling Center Expansion

Expansion Project Underway!

Construction at the Coon Rapids Recycling Center began Wednesday, Oct. 12. The Recycling Center is expected to remain open during construction, but please be prepared for significant changes to the facility layout as work progresses.

Limited Gate Entrance

  • Vehicles should enter the facility ONLY if dropping off large, bulky material such as appliances, mattresses and scrap metal.
  • Other visitors should park OUTSIDE of the facility and use the Recycling Center gate for walking traffic only. Carts will be positioned inside the gate for transporting items to the appropriate areas.
  • Please use extra caution while walking and driving throughout the facility during construction.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we work to improve the Coon Rapids Recycling Center!

About the Recycling Center Expansion Project

The Coon Rapids Recycling Center has been developing an expansion plan for the past several years to improve the facility. The project will create better traffic flow, provide more storage, add covered storage to keep recycling materials dry, and provide a new building to house the center's Styrofoam compactor to allow for more Styrofoam processing from throughout the region. The City also received funds to add a reuse room to the expansion project where paint and other household items that meet the reuse guidelines at the Recycling Center will be free for residents to take.

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