Assessing Department

What We Do

City Assessing staff determine the value of residential and commercial property in Coon Rapids. Laws and procedures from the Minnesota Department of Revenue guide the process. The goal is to provide uniform property values to ensures the tax burden is distributed fairly and equitably under current law.

Duties of the Assessing Department

  • Inspect and review all residential and commercial properties within the city at least once every 5 years.
  • Inspect and review properties for which permits were issued in the current year and any partial assessments from prior years
  • Update information in the property database
  • Analyze local sales data and determine the affect on the assessed values
  • Provide value and ownership information to citizens, developers, real estate professionals and other interested parties
  • Provide valuation research to city and county departments
  • Administer the special assessments process

Property Tax Uses

Property taxes are used to fund local government and school services. Examples of some of these services are:

  • Education
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Parks
  • Street maintenance

A small amount goes to fund other taxing districts such as mosquito control and metro transit.