Department Services

Fire Protection Services

Time is critical in firefighting. Small fires double in size every few seconds. Immediately call 911 when you detect a fire. Coon Rapids firefighters arrive quickly to extinguish fires before they grow out of control once they arrive on the scene.

On the Job Day & Night

Professional Firefighters respond from 3 fire stations in Coon Rapids:

  • Station Number 1 is located at 1460 Egret Boulevard
  • Station Number 2 is located at 1199 121st Avenue NW.
  • Station Number 3 is located at 2831 113th Avenue NW.

To ensure rapid response to fire and medical emergencies, all 3 stations are staffed by full-time professional firefighters 24 hours a day, every day.

Emergency Medical Services

Time is critical in emergency medical situations. A team of Firefighter / Emergency Medical technicians arrive quickly, beginning life saving and stabilizing efforts before an ambulance arrives.

Firefighters carry advanced life-saving equipment such as heart defibrillators, which are used in attempts to resuscitate cardiac arrest victims. They also assist paramedics who provide advanced life support services and transport patients to the hospital.


Coon Rapids Firefighters respond to all accidents involving injuries within the City. Firefighters are equipped with Jaws of Life - hydraulic powered cutters and spreaders. These tools enable Firefighters to quickly gain access to critically injured patients.

Firefighters staffing the fire and rescue vehicles are certified Emergency Medical Technicians and respond to all requests for emergency medical care.

When Not Responding to Emergencies, Firefighters:

  • Conduct fire prevention inspections in buildings to eliminate fire hazards.
  • Conduct fire safety education at schools, businesses, and neighborhood residents.
  • Investigate fire causes and origins.
  • Participate in on-going training to maintain and improve firefighting and emergency medical care skills.
  • Provide free blood pressure screenings, you can visit any fire station during daytime or early evening hours.