Utilities Division

About the Division

The Utilities Division operates and maintains the City's municipal water and sanitary sewer systems. Utility staff work to provide safe, quality drinking water to Coon Rapids. 24 hour response to water and sewer emergencies through Anoka County Dispatch (911) is a key component of the Utilities Division.

Groundwater & Waste Water Management

The Utilities Division maintains 24 groundwater wells which pump an average of 3 billion gallons of water annually.

A total of 236 miles of sewer main carries waste water from homes and businesses and 16 sanitary sewer lift stations help collect and send the "grey water" to a metropolitan wastewater treatment plant.


The Utilities Division is responsible for:

  • Maintaining 3,000 Fire hydrants
  • 22,000 Residential and business water meters
  • 6,500 water main valves
  • Water sampling and testing
  • Hydrant flushing
  • Sewer main cleaning
  • Lift station cleaning

Do you have questions about Your Utility Bill?

Call Utility Billing at 763-767-6438.