Facility Tours

About the Tour

Recycling Center tours are available for a variety of groups to come learn about the recycling process. We recommend children be at least 2nd grade to understand and enjoy our tour. We can modify a tour to fit your group's age, need, or desired depth of content. Most tours average 45 minutes, but can be lengthened or shortened based on group need. Please be sure to have appropriate supervision for your group. The Recycling Center is an outside facility so please dress appropriately for the weather. Keep in mind during the winter months, daylight is an issue.

Request a tour of the Coon Rapids Recycling Center.

Learn about Recyclable Materials

Tours include information about materials accepted at the Recycling Center and where they go once they leave the center. Groups may bring items they believe are recyclable and sort them using the information just learned to test their understanding.

Watch a Recycling Process Video

Tours include a short video showcasing what happens to recycling once it leaves your curb, detailed information on what is and what is not recyclable, and why.

Girl & Boy Scout Badges

The Recycling Center does not supply Girl or Boy Scout patches.