Fire Suppression

The Coon Rapids Fire Department responds to fire alarms, car fires and a variety of other calls. Each station operates fire engines equipped with tools, hoses, water, ladders, saws and medical equipment. The trucks also carry medical equipment to provide state-of-the-art care on the scene of emergencies for staff and public in case our rescue response trucks are not available. 


Firefighters with hose fighting fire in woods

Fire Districts

There are three fire districts within the City of Coon Rapids and each district has a fire station located within it. For minor calls within each district, only a single station is sent to respond. For other calls such as car accidents, two stations will respond. For suspected structure fires, all three stations are dispatched immediately. The Battalion Chief and crews may upgrade or cancel station responses based on the need for each call.

Fire Station 1 (headquarters), 1460 Egret Boulevard

Fire Station 2, 1199 121st Avenue NW Fire Station 3, 2831 113th Avenue NW

Support Equipment

Along with the standard operating equipment at each fire station, some of our stations have other advanced equipment that can help during emergencies.

Station 1 has two boats used for water rescues. The large boat operates above the Coon Rapids Dam, which is a 6 mile lake. It has twin outboard motors (for safety near the dam), spot lights, medical equipment and tow capabilities for stranded boats.

Station 2 houses a 100 foot aerial platform truck used for elevated operations, which helps elevate crew members during times of fires or other rescue operations. The elevated platform can be safer and more effective to use.

Other support equipment with the Coon Rapids Fire Department includes a Tactical Support Vehicle which functions as a specialized equipment and support vehicle. The Tactical Support Vehicle responds to major structure fires and special calls if needed.