Impounded (Towed) Vehicles

The Coon Rapids Police Department uses North Star Towing for the towing of all vehicles. North Star Towing is located at 833 North Street in Anoka, MN.

How to Retrieve Your Vehicle

Call 763-767-6481 to see if any holds were placed on your vehicle. The holds can include:

  • proof of ownership
  • proof of insurance
  • valid/sober driver
  • forfeiture or other investigation

If there is a hold on the vehicle, you will need to come to the Coon Rapids Police Department for a release form. We will need supporting documentation to be able to release the vehicle. All vehicles can only be released to the registered owner. If the vehicle is held for a valid/sober driver, we will need two drivers (one to drive to the impound lot and a second to drive the held vehicle out of the lot).

If the vehicle is held for investigation or forfeiture, you will need to speak with the detective assigned before the vehicle can be released. Call 763-767-6481 to make an appointment.