Home Occupations and Home-Based Businesses

Home-based businesses are an important part of the city's economy, it is also important to ensure they are accessory to the residential use of the property. Any home occupation should not be hazardous, detrimental or disturbing to your neighbors or to the general welfare of the Coon Rapids community.  The home occupation should be located, designed, maintained and operated in a way that is compatible with the existing or intended residential character of the zoning district in which it will be operated. 

Home Occupation Permit and Licensing

A zoning permit is not required for a home occupation business, however, they are required to comply with the zoning standards of the City Code.  

Certain business types may require additional Federal, State, or Local business licenses or permits.  You can check out regulatory information for starting a business at mn.gov/elicense. Local business licensing, if needed, is obtained through the City Clerk's office 763-767-6493. 

Home Occupation Zoning Handout (PDF)

Prohibited Home Occupations

The following home businesses are prohibited in Coon Rapids:

  • retail sales, except by appointment;
  • repair of internal combustion engines of more than 25 horsepower;
  • body shops;
  • raw metal fabrication;
  • welding;
  • ammunition manufacturing;
  • motor vehicle repair, maintenance, service or sale;
  • other uses that violate the standards of the City Code.

More information

The full zoning code related to Home Occupations can be found in Section 11-1210. You may also contact the Planning Division at planning@coonrapidsmn.gov or 763-767-6430.